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Prof. Nayan Laxman Dhotre


!! Vastu Shastri , Jyotish Shiromani , Rudraksh Therapist , Gems Consultant , Pranik Healer !! 


Many People have benefited from our 24 years of experience. You also aware of our experience Services.
  • Since 1990, Nayan Dhotre (Dhotre guruji) has been active as a consultant in the field of astrology, Vaastu Shastra, Mantra Shastra, Rudraksha therapy, numerology, gemology, and other such allied occult sciences. An avid devotee of Datta maharaj and goddess Mahalakshmi, Dhotre guruji has been working relentlessly to guide people regarding their problems and has also undertaken various projects to promote the authenticity of these occult sciences. There are lot of misunderstandings and wrong doings in the field of astrology and hence people think twice while consulting astrologers.


  • However, Dhotre guruji has worked hard to remove all such misconceptions and been the guiding force behind a lot of individuals and companies.


  • Apart from this, Dhotre guruji has also conducted various dharmic poojas for the devotees all over Maharashtra.  He has conducted samuhik Dattayaag, Gangapoojan, Ganeshyaag, Deep-prajvalan, Bhraman bhojan, Datta paduka abhishek, Pavman sukta, etc. at Nrusihawadi.


  • Dhotre guruji regularly conducts samuhik programs like Shani shanti poojan, Laghurudra pathan (at Mahashivratri), Ashtalakshmi karak samrudhi pooja vrat, etc. It is believed that if these poojas are done at public level, then their results are more than what one would get while doing alone. Hence, people attend these programs in huge numbers for their welfare.

Vastu Shastra


Rudraksh Therapist


Gems Consultant


Pranik Healer