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!! Business Astrology !!

Ups and downs are a part of everyday life when it comes to business or corporate world. If right decisions are not taken at the right time, it can lead to huge loss for companies. Also, it takes long time to recover from such losses. Such failures might lead to big disasters not only for the business heads but also for the people who are working under them. With the proper guidance of an astrologer, a person can get a suitable and right profession for him according to his rashi or lunar sign. The horoscope indicates opportune time to make the right decisions and this can lead to good prosperity in business. There are also various siddha yantras and dharmic poojas which can be done for success in career.

!! Career Astrology !!

Astrology can help to determine the specific interests of a person and can recommend a suitable profession for him according to his tastes. By choosing the right profession based on his interests, the person can enjoy success and prosperity all throughout his career. It is often observed that most people end up choosing the wrong profession and this leads to dissatisfaction, boredom, and monotony which eventually leads to failures in career. Students can also get guidance about their options for future studies for success in their educational and academic fields. Also, astrology can tell you whether to go for business or settle for a job.

!! Medical Astrology !!

Astrology can accurately predict when a person will fall a victim to any disease and hence can recommend correct medical care for that problem. If the person gets right medical attention at the right time, then it can arrest or prevent the growth of the disease in the future. Astrology can predict which part of the body will succumb to the disease and how long the person will remain affected by the medical problem.
Also, medical astrology recommends mantras and dharmic poojas for prevention of such medical problems.  Astrology can help in keeping the body fit.

!! Investment Astrology !!

These days there are a lot of opportunities for investment and they have all proven to be effective in making money. For instance, you get to invest in company shares, mutual funds, banks, etc. People spend a lot of time studying the share market movements and rely on such options for making money instead of setting up a business. Right decisions taken at the right time can lead to great profits in gold, share, and real estate investments. For fine tuning the energy, astrology recommends mantra, tantra sadhna and upasana as well to enhance the profits from such investments.

!! Marriage Astrology !!

Tensions about getting married? Want to get the right life partner? Problems post marriage? Astrology has solutions for all these problems.

Gun-milan :

For ages, astrology has played a huge role in marriage set ups. It is often seen that people only resort to the gun melan to determine whether a marriage would be successful or not. However, marriage astrology goes far beyond that. By studying the horoscope of the couple, astrologers can determine the ups and downs in life and hence can give guidance about taking various decisions at the right time. In such cases, it is necessary to study about children, diseases, compatibility (physical, emotional, and psychological), etc. We provide in-depth analysis for avoiding any marriage related problems for the couples.
Note: We also organize free counselling sessions and lectures about marriage astrology for such couples / Ogranisation.

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