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Ratna Shastra or Gemology

  • Everyone knows the importance of gems in astrology. Ratnashastra is an ancient and yet a scientific branch of astrology. Contrary to what most people believe, the results that one gets from such gems are totally scientific. These gems are also a part of Ayurveda. People generally embed the gems in silver or gold and use it on their fingers. However, the powdered form of these gems is often consumed for solving different problems. The results are same!
  • There are nine different precious stones and these gems constantly emit a specific colour from them. If there is deficiency of any particular colour in the body then the astrologer needs to recommend a stone that constantly emits that specific colour. This will fill up the void and hence improve the person’s fate. An astrologer needs to study the nine planets in the horoscope. If a planet is really weak; it means that the person isn’t getting the right benefits of it and hence he needs to use the corresponding stone to absorb the energy from the planet. This also means that the weak planet will get the required strength and fill up the void.
  • Using the precious stones in the right way, people can attract the required energy for getting success and prosperity both in their personal and professional life.
1. We study the horoscope of the person in detail and recommend stones that are best suited and needed from him. These stones are purchased at wholesale rates from the markets and given at discounted rates to our clients. The stones we sell are around 25% to 30% less expensive as compared to what you’d get elsewhere. We embed these gems in lockets and rings from our Jewellery team. Then they are enhanced spiritually with mantras and poojas for giving the best results to our clients. We take full responsibility of the authenticity and results of our stones and sell them at unmatched prices.
2. We have done plenty of study and research in gemology and hence can easily differentiate the genuine stones from fake ones.
Most astrologers (around 99%) haven’t studied gemology and hence aren’t skilled enough in this area.

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