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Vastu Shastra


  • In Vaastu Shastra, we provide guidance for setting up the plot and layout of different sections inside the plot, colour combinations, changing the internal setup for attracting auspicious energy, etc. We also study the plot or house and recommend dharmic poojas for success, peace, and prosperity. Instead of making expensive changes in the interiors, we resort to remedial measures as solutions to the problems for saving money.


  • We provide guidance for buying open plots for schools, hospitals, bungalows, row houses, office, beauty parlours, gymnasiums, spa, shops, temples, etc. We study such plots and provide guidance to our clients about it.
  • A lot of vaastu consultants do not study the vaastu in details and just limit themselves to the eight directions in the house. This is wrong because different cases needed different treatments. For instance, if the house belongs to a teacher, then there is a need to enhance the Guru tatva for success of both the teachers and the students under him. On the other hand, for gymnasiums, one needs to look after the Mars and Sun planets and their respective directions. This will enhance the health and vigour of the people who work out there.
  • Also, for beauty parlours, the consultant needs to treat Venus or Shukra as this planet is responsible for enhancing the beauty and attraction in an individual. Refining the shukra tatva will automatically bring success in such beauty parlours. Hence, a vaastu consultant needs to study the horoscope of the person while consulting for getting the best results.
  • We provide such indepth and exhaustive study in our consulting sessions.



Vastu Shastra


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